Particularly sensitive patients with the introduction of the drug often feel extensive damage to the body, which are very dangerous. A diabetic gets angioneurotic edema and anaphylactic shock.

An allergic reaction to insulin is not only a test for the body. When symptoms occur, patients often do not know what to do, as diabetes treatment must continue. It is forbidden to cancel and prescribe a new insulin-containing drug on your own. This causes an increase in reaction if the selection is incorrect. The procedure is quite complicated. This is due to the fact that in some cases the patient is too limited in time to select the drug. If injections need to be carried out not on an emergency basis, then skin tests are done with an interval of 20-30 minutes. During this time, the doctor evaluates the reaction of the body.

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The seriousness of the situation lies in the fact that such reactions not only deal a strong blow to the body, but can also cause death. If severe manifestations occur, a person must call an ambulance without fail.

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Among the insulins with the most gentle effect on the body of sensitive people, a preparation created on the basis of human protein is distinguished. In this case, its pH value is neutral. It is used when there is a reaction to insulin with beef protein.

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It is necessary to remove the symptoms of imitrex reaction by taking antihistamines. In addition, they will help lower blood sugar levels. Among them are: Diphenhydramine; Pipolfen; Suprastin; Diazolin; Tavegil. When seals appear at the injection site, the doctor prescribes an electrophoresis procedure with calcium chloride. As a result, the substance will have a resolving effect on the affected area. Also, the method of hyposensitization is often used.

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During the procedure, the patient is given microdoses of insulin. The body begins to get used to the drug. With an increase in the dose, immunity develops tolerance, ceases to produce antibodies. An allergic reaction is thus eliminated.

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Also, treatment may include medication to eliminate the formation of antibodies. One of the effective medicines of such a plan is Decaris. It boosts immunity. In this case, insulin is administered for 3-4 days. And then Dekaris is connected to therapy for 3 days. The next appointment is carried out after 10 days. An allergic reaction to insulin sometimes has a strong effect on the body. Therefore, if it is impossible to independently minimize the consequences of allergies, the patient should go to the hospital for treatment. In this case, medical professionals will help to cope with the signs of allergies. Allergy to insulin: is a reaction possible and what is the reason.